Service & Repair

If you are looking to service, maintain, rebuild or enhance your boat or vessel, Öregrund Marine Service AB has what you are looking for. We can carry out the work in the warmth of our large, indoor premises (approx. 10,000 m2). We can take boats up to about 50 metres in length in the Öregrund dock, which is a large indoor dock - unique to the east coast.

We offer services for commercial customers, official vessels, sea rescue and our private customers. In other words, everybody is welcome to Öregrund and the shipyard with endless possibilities.

Our versatility means we can carry out engine replacements, electrical installations, blasting, painting, rebuilds in steel and aluminium and wood – the most your boat or vessel will need to work. The best results are guaranteed because we work indoors.

To discuss your requirements please contact Johan Edin.

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