About Öregrundsvarvet

Öregrundsvarvet AB has a long history within the shipyard industry with traditions and skills within construction, new manufacture and the servicing/maintenance of boats.

The Öregrund shipyard is in the jewel of Roslagen and about 160 kilometres north of Stockholm or about 90 nautical miles by sea. We have access to 10,000 m2 for production, servicing and boat storage.

Today, the shipyard runs its own operations of the new manufacture of modern aluminium leisure boats under the brand “VIGGO BOATS”, which was launched in the spring of 2014 as well the service and maintenance of boats and vessels in Öregrund Marine Service AB, a sister company of Öregrundsvarvet AB.

Öregrund Båtförvaring AB, a sister company of Öregrundsvarvet AB, stores and handles all types of boat storage; indoors or outdoor during the winter and summer.

Servicing and repairs are also part of Öregrund Marine Service AB’s work where we can offer everything from engine services and engine replacements to hull and cabin rebuilds as well as electrical installations. In other words, all types of maintenance and repair of large and small boats.

A unique aspect of the shipyard is Öregrund dock, where we can dry dock boats up to about 50 metres long. Overhauls, repairs or rebuilds can be carried out there without being affected by wind or weather.

We offer the hire of premises within the shipyard area to external companies. Current customers:

  • Marin Decor AB services within interiors, canopies and cushions for boats and cars.
  • Light Craft Design AB, provider of all types of design solutions for boats and vessels.
  • Hexicon AB, an environmental and energy consultancy firm.

You can find further information about the respective operational area under the relevant tab or on the contact page. We welcome everybody to Öregrundsvarvet AB and its possibilities.

The shipyard’s history

The outer archipelago east of Gräsö has long been considered one of Sweden's most dangerous stretches of coast. It was soon clear that it needed a shipyard to take care of damaged vessels.

In 1900 Rörhamn’s shipyard was established. The idea was that ships could be built, repairs carried out and components forged there. A new quay and high mast crane were also built.

In 1911 a new company was registered. Öregrunds Slip- och Varvs AB. Operations were expanded in 1914 with a coaling station. A coal quay was built and coal warehouses erected.

The shipyard became the city’s largest workplace. It was fully booked with repairs and during the Second World War it undertook many repairs of Swedish naval vessels.

In 1955 the shipyard was taken over by Svenska Muddrings AB. And in 1959 the largest vessel built by the yard was launched, the Fryken tanker weighing 200 tons. A few years later Skånska Cement AB took over the shipyard.

Once upon a time Öregrund had been the base for the coast lightships, now Öregrund was the place where the lightship replacements were built; caisson lighthouses, ground secured concrete beacons were built at the dock.

Marinteknik AB took over the shipyard in 1972. Marinteknik had been based in Östhammar since 1976, but now found Östhammar’s bay too narrow. They moved to Rörhamn and built a large new workshop of 900 square metres. During the 1980s a further three large workshops were built. Mainly passenger vessels and yachts were built during the Marinteknik time.

In 2003 the Fagerdala group purchased the shipyard for development of their own systems within the marine sector. They simultaneously ran shipyard operations and developed and launched Anytec leisure boats.

In 2012, Gästrike Fastigheter AB purchased the shipyard with the intention of continuing and developing operations. The long-term aim is to focus on repairs, winter storage and new manufacturing.

In 2013 development and production of aluminium leisure boats started under the brand name VIGGO BOATS.

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