Boat storage

After a nice season out on the boat and when winter starts to draw in, it is best to keep your boat indoors and above freezing temperatures. Öregrund Båtförvaring AB (Öregrund Boat storage AB) offers both indoor and outdoor storage. For indoor storage we have access to a large 5000 m2 freestanding shed as well as parts of the shipyard. And if the Öregrund dock is not booked for winter jobs we can also store 50 metre boats there. All types of boat are welcome to stay the winter in Öregrund.

Whilst staying with us take the opportunity to fix your boat prior to the next season. We can offer most of the services that your boat needs. Annual maintenance and servicing is the best guarantee for excellent function over time and maintains the value of the boat. Read more under SERVICE & REPAIR.

Today, we can easily and effectively handle boats of up to 90 tons. For heavier boats, the Öregrund dock is a possibility. Interest is great and increasing year on year so please contact us in good time to ensure a place at Öregrunds Båtförvaring (Öregrund Boat storage).

For further information, please contact Roland Strömberg

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