Öregrundsvarvet (Öregrund shipyard) has a long tradition of developing and manufacturing durable and modern aluminium boats. We are launching the “VIGGO” brand, which stands for warrior spirit, strength, power and modern design. We are launching the first model of a larger future model program.


The VIGGO X8 has evolved from many years experience as well as from customer demands for a modern boat designed for today’s large capacity engines that is safe through the entire speed range and in all types of wind and weather. It has a completely new design, a new hull concept, an ergonomic driver’s environment and several new technical solutions.


Of course, seaworthiness, comfort and performance are characteristics of the VIGGO X8’s design, construction and equipment options. But with VIGGO we have also placed great importance on safety. Most hulls in the water today were made in a time of lower speeds and less horse power. In order to cope with today’s large engines and high speeds, hulls with a balanced centre of gravity are vital. This is something that VIGGO BOATS has focussed on with their design, construction and production.


The VIGGO X8 is therefore the optimal boat based on those criteria and delivers what is needed in a new modern boat that is suitable for every type of use around the archipelago; pleasure, speed, water sports, transport, gentle trips or tough conditions. So get to know Viggo X8 and “feel the difference”.


Production of VIGGO BOATS is managed by Öregrund Marine Service AB, a subsidiary of Öregrundsvarvet AB. For further information, please contact Stig Andersson.



VIGGO BOATS is supported by SKB Näringslivsutveckling AB.



Advanced technology and innovation in every detail provides for user security

and comfort in all kinds of weather.


Welcome aboard!

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